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No Gold Tiles

[Post New]by golferette on Sep 26, 17 5:23 AM
I have tried in both timed and relaxed and also reinstalling and I don't have any gold tiles to get rid of...the background remains grey .....I can play, . but if I do move on to next level it is pretty much luck.....any help would be appreciated...thank you in advance

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Re:No Gold Tiles

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Sep 26, 17 5:32 AM
I'm not very far along yet but the obstacles are getting interesting pretty quick...sometimes you have to find a powerup in one room to break some type of blocked tile in another room. You also have to check the corners of each room you're in pretty regularly to make sure you didn't miss a blue lock for another room somewhere.

If you're not a completionist needing to win the badge on every level, you can exit the level without "doing everything" if there's a green check mark at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking the check mark and picking "finish level" bails you out early without winning the badge.


Re:No Gold Tiles

[Post New]by spirithope on Dec 4, 17 3:19 PM
I don't get gold tiles either. Like you I just tried matching what I could and made it to level 2 through luck. Can anyone HELP? Please !
I can play the rune fall and silver tale by not using full screen. I tried taking off animation - no custom cursor, no full screen, reinstall, but no luck.

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