Finally through level 210

[Post New]by catladyx10 on Sep 28, 17 2:03 AM
It can be done!!! it did take many hours/days to get through this level. I was extremely frustrated. All I can say is, just keep at it. I did not us any power-ups, as I didn't have any left. The way I was finally able to get through it was to work on clearing the row for the red cage. Jumping myself to the key below and the working on the yellows ones to get another jump up. I tried to make as many arrows to clear the rows. It does a great deal of patience and I did have to step away several times/days. I just not completed the entire game!!!! It feels really good. I love it when I can finish one of these. Don't give up!!! I loved the last challenge. It was really good.

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