5th candle:

[Post New]by Zellobts19 on Sep 29, 17 7:13 PM
5th candle: Make sure you rescue the man in the cave and take him into town on the snowmobile. for the second time for the teacup, look into the mirror with the sign in it, place teacup in order as the sign gives, this will take you to the 5th candle on the dresser to pick up and place in the circle. There is no bug in this game. Everything has to be in order.


Re:5th candle:

[Post New]by rustysmom1 on Jan 12, 18 2:17 PM
The sign isn't giving any kind of order for the tea set. I don't know what to do next to get the 5th candle.


Re:5th candle:

[Post New]by gallaghermaryg on Feb 24, 18 3:22 PM
I can't get the 5th candle either so I can't finish the game. I had no problem with the game until this.

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