found a hidden object adventure

[Post New]by pnewman on Sep 30, 17 3:10 PM
Icannot open game

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Re:found a hidden object adventure

[Post New]by trixiebubbles on Oct 1, 17 10:29 AM
pnewman....A lot more information is needed from you...such as are you on a pc, have you been able to play the game prior to the problem etc.

On a wild guess the latest problem has to do with Windows 10.....and this is the solution to that specific problem....

1) Lower the resolution. This is normally at 1900x1080, switch to 1600x1200.
2) Launch your game.
3) Exit game.
4) Revert to preferred resolution.

If this is not your problem, try contacting one of the moderators since the thread for reporting technical problems seems to be locked.

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found a hidden object adventure

[Post New]by MagentaRose on Oct 24, 17 3:01 AM
pnewman wrote:Icannot open game

I'm having the same problem. All of a sudden I couldn't get into the game. Have been playing the game every day on the same Windows 7 computer since February this year (lost my progress of over Level 120 when old computer crashed & had to start again). I'm getting error message "Connection to server failed. Restart the game".

I will contact support but I don't hold much hope as they were unable to help the last time.

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