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I'm Back and Need Friends

[Post New]by Nickimine on Oct 1, 17 1:57 PM
Hi everyone! It's me - Jean - and I'm finally back to playing after a long time away. (Terrible back problems, a second back surgery). I'm happy to be back, even though it is difficult for me to play for more than 30 minutes. I rest my back for a few hours, then I can play again for awhile.

Anyway - I have found that almost all the friends I had are still in my game as friends - yayyyy! However, a full 4 pages of friends are "taking a break." Well, I certainly can't complain about that because I was gone for so long. However, I need some active friends who would love a good gifting friend. (ME lol )

My player ID number is 494600. Player name is Jean. I'd love to be invited to players' lists - players who are also consistent in gifting.

A big thank you to the friends who spoke of me in this forum - and have just recently sent me "Welcome Back" messages!

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Re:I'm Back and Need Friends

[Post New]by susiewastaken on Oct 1, 17 7:18 PM
Happy to see you playing again, Jean...and welcome back to the forum, too!

Am sure you'll get a bunch of invitations.

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Re:I'm Back and Need Friends

[Post New]by Shawkn on Oct 1, 17 8:02 PM
Hi, Jean:

I sent you an invitation. I play on a PC so you may not want to accept it if you play on another platform. My Avatar name is Sayadina.

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