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Friends of Linda / Lindott

[Post New]by Shawkn on Oct 6, 17 8:51 PM
If someone knows the answer to this, please let me know.

I have a long time friend, Lindott (620580) who is also playing as Linda (473511). I know I am supposed to delete and not gift one of them, but I am confused as to which one.

I don't want to lose this friend so any clarification would be welcome. I can't PM her because I don't know who she is on the forum.

Thanks in advance...

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Re:Friends of Linda / Lindott

[Post New]by Merlion on Oct 6, 17 11:59 PM
To all my friends who has been gifting me thank you. Please accept my apology for the confusion. Just lately I have been having problems with my lap top and would you believe it with my desktop as well. I was getting rid of a laptop so transfer my game to my new laptop but my game kept crashing. I uninstall and re-installed it many times and it still will not work as I only get part of a picture and could not play the game so I had to get my laptop fixed and lost my game. Also all the gifts which I was unable to collect. BFG send me the following message It looks like our Tool isn't working properly at the moment, giving us some errors when trying to access and transfer your Midnight Castle progress. So we've added your information to our email to the Midnight Castle developers which will be sent out tomorrow. It might take until Friday morning at the latest depending on how busy they get.
Finally late yesterday it was sorted by Big Fish and phew my game is up and running again but I lost all my friends and I had to request friends all over again to which I apologies. I am playing 3 games on 3 different computers, I gift my friends from LINDA and my friends will gift LINDOTT. So LINDOTT/LINDA/CH are all my games. So to all my lovely friends please delete ID No. 473511 & 620580
as I am not able to access it anymore, it's gone and I do not want you to waste your gifts. Sorry to confused you Kate, you are not the only one as I confuse a very good friend of mine too and she was the one who told me about the message in forum as I don't frequent the forum very often. My new ID now is 700260 I've got 2 more games to transfer and will come back to the forum and let all my friends know once it's done. Thank you to all my friends for your patience. Have a lovely day. Linda aka Lindott aka CH

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