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Beating The Frog

[Post New]by alphafem on Oct 7, 17 11:42 AM
Man is that little frog FAST, or what?! I tried and tried every which way to catch those fish, and finally figured out a method that worked for me enough to beat the game.

Yon frog follows your cursor exactly from left to right, at a SLOW pace. So, while making sure to keep your cursor toward the TOP of the pond...always...take frog to the far left, or right, and let him rest there for a moment, while you decide on your target fish who is moving to the OPPOSITE side of the water. Your cursor moves at a FAST pace a few seconds FASTER than the green with the frog at rest, DASH (as in D-A-S-H !!) to the OTHER SIDE to hook a fish.

The game is played from side to side...NOT just drop the hook. That won't work. I hope this helps! Enjoy the game!

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