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Morphing Objects

[Post New]by GaPeach1981 on Oct 8, 17 4:19 PM
Does anyone know of a list somewhere that has the morphing objects? You'd think they'd have a list of where they are in the guide since this was CE price. MadHead is my favorite dev, but...not for long if they keep this up. It seems they're becoming another ERS and that is not a good sign



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Re:Morphing Objects

[Post New]by jamsarnie on Oct 22, 17 12:29 PM
Hi had me puzzled too. But down in left hand corner near the morph symbol you will see a twirling thing .telling you if the morph has been found or not ..Took me ages to work it out...most are found in the HOGs


Re:Morphing Objects

[Post New]by MercuryNeptune on Dec 30, 17 6:00 PM
There are 17 morphing objects (14 in main play and 3 in the bonus chapter).

1. bottle/sarcophagus (middle right of screen)
2. butterfly/clover (left of screen)
3. small bottle/spool? (lower left)
4. rune (middle screen, must look as this is a rune HOP)
5. crystal (lower right, looking for 12 crystals in this HOP)
6. rune (middle left, another rune HOP)
7. hat/floating rock (upper left)
8. scissors/spoon (lower left)
9. rose/gem (left)
10. rune (right side of the nose)
11.dice/matches (left side)
12. leaf/feather (upper left)
13. screwdriver/knife (upper left)
14. envelope/letter (bottom right)

15. ring/coin (middle)
16. butterfly/? (right)
17. bowtie/moth (on barrel)

I wrote these down as I played and some need a bit of looking for.

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