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Please post your REVIEWS for Lost Lands: Ice Spell here.

[Post New]by Daxadillion on Oct 11, 17 12:39 AM
A thread for your reviews.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Lost Lands: Ice Spell here.

[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Oct 11, 17 6:46 AM
Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the reviews thread! Please feel free to post your thoughts and feedback on Lost Lands: Ice Spell here. We just have a few guidelines to keep in mind when posting in this thread.

Review Guidelines

1) Be sure to keep your reviews on-topic. Reviews in this thread should only be commenting on Lost Lands: Ice Spell.

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Lost Lands: Ice Spell here.

[Post New]by pennmom36 on Oct 11, 17 10:07 AM
Lost Lands is one of those series that tends to slip under the radar, so to speak. They don't release the games in this series at a breakneck speed, spewing out a game every month like a lot of other game series do. When you think of a really good game series with interesting storylines, you probably don't think to include Lost Lands, but you should!

Five-BN doesn't get enough credit for this one, actually they have a lot of great game series, Darkness and Flame, New York Mysteries, House of 1000 Doors, Sacra Terra, Forbidden Secrets: Alien Town, and let's not forget about the newest one The Legacy: Forgotten Gates. You should check those games out as well, they are amongst my favorites. If I voice one complaint with Lost Lands, it would be with the graphics department, because it seems to me that the graphics are becoming slightly cartoonish, mostly with the inventory items. One of the reasons I love this game is because their Collector's Edition's always have an abundance of really good Collectibles and Morph's. It is for that reason alone that I am only giving this Standard Edition four stars instead of five because I prefered the CE version. Here's a recap of my review to help you make a decision about which version, if either is right for you:

Susan has once again been summoned to the Lost Lands by Maaron the Alchemist Mage, and she's still wearing her pajamas and slippers! Winter has arrived way too soon (winter is coming if you're a GOT fan, UPDATE: Winter is Here! lol) and Maaron needs the warmaidens help to find the source of the sudden freeze, emanating from the Frozen Mountain. Foinor the dwarf has returned to escort Susan through the tunnels leading to the mountain, to join forces with Maaron to stop the freeze, before it's too late.

Lost Lands is a fantastic adventure game, however, I've never understood why the graphics of the scenes aren't as stunning as the videos. The videos are CG but the scenes themselves are hand drawn, and at times are cartoonish in nature, with very little color. If I'm being picky, I would also add that the lip sync isn't all that great either, the lips are moving, but they certainly don't match up to the words being spoken. There's also a discrepancy in the storyline, the introduction video shows a museum SECURITY GUARD twirling a nightstick while on duty, which becomes airborne, and causes an undesirable chain of events to occur. The video then switches over to show Susan watching the news on television, and the news anchor says he was a JANITOR, when clearly he was a security guard. Why would a janitor have a nightstick?

Other than those minor complaints, my favorite feature in Lost Lands, are the abundance of extra's offered in the Collector's Edition versions. You can even choose whether or not you want the cursor to change when it scans across a collectible or morph. They are actually on the small side, but in my opinion, that's what makes them more challenging to find. In Ice Spell, the CE version has 30 Morphing Objects and 13 Lost Lands Manuscript Pages to find. There are also several Collectibles in different categories, Mittens, Icicles, Owls, Stained Glass, and Golden Horse Statues, all of the above, will unlock Bonus Puzzles when the collections are completed, as well as Achievements. Eventually you will use a Magic Wand to cast spells that can repair or damage items, make items smaller or larger, or make invisible items visible. Each time you use the wand, you'll have to play a game of "connect the dots"

The Hidden Object Scenes are all Progressive Interactive Silhouetted Shape finds, where you find an item that matches the silhouetted shape shown, and then use that item interactively in the scene to expose the next silhouetted shape item, until complete. Most of the HOP's include a small Mini Game to solve.

The Mini Games are somewhat on the easy side, I'd prefer something a bit more challenging, but at least they are entertaining. Below are brief descriptions of some of the games you'll encounter during the demo:
1) Shovel the snow into the pit, by selecting directional arrows to push snow piles. Adjacent snow piles move one cell away, and if you push a pile against the border it can't be moved and you will have to start over.
2) Make your move to the next location when the wolves aren't looking.
3) Rotate the pointers to the required symbols.
4) Use the hint to select the correct symbols
5) Arrange the statues arms to resemble the picture.
6) Connect the dots to recreate the image using the wand.
7) Rotate the dials to the correct number using a picture as a reference clue.

Title***Collector's Edition Release Date***Average Rating
1-The Dark Overlord (February 22-14) 4.4
2-The Four Horsemen (January 15-15) 4.6
3-The Golden Curse (November 7-15) 4.5
4-The Wanderer (October 25-16) 4.3
5-Ice Spell (September 12-17) 4.7

The Collector's Edition version has 14 Wallpapers, 15 Concept Art pictures, 17 replayable Movie Videos, 8 Music Soundtracks, 21 Achievements to earn,19 replayable Mini Games, 5 Bonus Puzzles, 30 Morphing Objects, 13 Lost Lands Manuscripts to discover, 7 collectible Mittens, 8 Icicles, 8 Owls, 7 Stained Glass pieces and 12 Golden Horse Statues to collect, a built in Strategy Guide and a Bonus Chapter, don't forget to wear your coat, enjoy!

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Lost Lands: Ice Spell here.

[Post New]by DeAnna2112 on Oct 13, 17 3:48 PM
this game has potential, but it lost it for me after awhile in the demo.....just wasn't happening. No buy

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Re:Please post your REVIEWS for Lost Lands: Ice Spell here.

[Post New]by plat1098 on Mar 20, 18 7:23 PM
My interest waxed and waned. Some over-the-top stuff like: you're working your way thru the museum and suddenly, you simply must go to the rune wall in the other world. The ending begged for a sequel, not telling. Previous Lost Lands were overall better, the stories were more coherent, and I didn't spot the few grammatical errors I did here. Maaron got really short shrift here, I like him better than the main character and would like to see much more of him next time.

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