Level 16

[Post New]by little_ella on Oct 11, 17 10:04 PM
How do you get through this level!

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Re:Level 16

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Oct 12, 17 4:04 AM
This is from the strategy guide:

Hire 2 workers. Dig up both treasures. Build a factory. Create supplies continuously. hire another worker.

Build 2 cabins. Salvage the tent and build a cabin. Upgrade all the cabins to 2 stars.

Hire another worker. Build a greenhouse. Grow seeds continuously. Upgrade the cabins to 3 stars.

Build a garden on each cabin. Create supplies until you have 750, then salvage the factory.

Build a cabin. Build 2 shrubs.

Salvage the greenhouse and build a hot dog stand. Run events on both hot dog stands.


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