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Pirate Treasures - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Oct 12, 17 2:21 AM
For Newbies:
'Secrets of Paris' and it's locations have to be open.

Wiki found
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Search for: Rooms of Memory Pirate Treasures
Search for expedition page:
Rooms of Memory Pirate Ship

Advanced search refers to 8 page
Only page 1 available - Sale out @ BF. Get 7 additional pages. (Worth for ...?)

@ BF
Please tell us: Where to find threads about repeated offers of this event between Sept. 2014 and today.

Thank you.

Old locked threads:

Items and Charges are not giftable
Items are giftable after you got the tasked one
Component 'Siren Light' is giftable - ?strange?

Locations are:
'Secrets of Paris'

Helper 'Mermaid'
appears in: 'Secrets of Paris', rewards 800 gold, 40 experience

Dragon: 'Pirate Dragon'
Expedition Time: 2 h
Food: 15.000
Feed Times: 23
Room Time: 4 h

Expedition room:
'Pirate Ship'

Re: Pirate Treasures

[Post New]by jaylow22 on Oct 4, 13 1:08 AM


Here's the reward list:
100 silver tarot cards
50 gold tarot cards
5 dryad astro clocks
5 nutritious grains
5 lion desserts
5 golden fish
5 gold nuggets
5 clown shoes
10 hammer of thor
10 solar lamps (for night mode)
10 summoning scrolls
10 problem solvers (for dismantled mode)
40 000 coins
1000 xp
250 energy source

Pretty cool booty, aaargh (<- that was my pirate noise)

Someone should check:
Is the Copenhagen Mermaid still present?
Is she hijacked?
Any ransom requirements?

I like fishtailed women
How might it smell?
Happy pirate chase
Sir Vival

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Re:Pirate Treasures - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by aurendel01 on Oct 12, 17 5:03 AM
Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!

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Re:Pirate Treasures - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Oct 12, 17 6:27 AM
Who doesn't no this earworm from 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

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