Please help, prehistoric parc level 38

[Post New]by Aquapolitane on Oct 12, 17 4:19 AM
Would someone please be so kind an help me ? I'm going nuts. I have spent my 2 hours of immortality from the event in this level, still couldn't make it.
I do not get near the 75,000 points, how is that going to be in the stages 2 and 3 ?
Thank you in advance.

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Re:Please help, prehistoric parc level 38

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Oct 12, 17 12:34 PM
Hello Aquapolitane,

I'm sorry Prehistoric Park, Level 38 has been so tricky. This level challenged me, so I definitely understand wanting some advice about how to beat it. I'm swimming over to provide that.

To beat this level, I recommend making as many Horizontal and Vertical bonuses as possible. By making a Horizontal Bonus in the same row as one of chained Pets or by making a Vertical Bonus directly underneath one of the chained Pets, you can break the chain. Vertical Bonuses are especially great because they'll clear the entire row beneath the Pet so the Pet will drop to the bottom of the board.

When playing this level I also made Fireworks as often as I could. The Fireworks helped me achieve the points I needed to win the level, especially when I matched them with a Horizontal or Vertical Bonus or a Trinket Bonus. It takes strategic planning, but by using these methods I was able to drop all three Pets and get enough points to win the level.

I really hope these suggestions help. Please PM me (or another moderator) if more questions come up. We'll do everything we can to help you.



Re:Please help, prehistoric parc level 38

[Post New]by Aquapolitane on Oct 13, 17 12:26 AM
Hello Beruna,

thanks for reply, but this level isn't the one with the pets, I already solved the level with the pets.

But it was my fault, I mentioned the wrong world, its world 13 Dark Crypt, where I am stuck. The level is right. Sorry for that.

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Re:Please help, prehistoric parc level 38

[Post New]by Aquapolitane on Oct 16, 17 8:06 AM
No more help needed, I solved it randomly, playing the same level 4 days along.

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