quick play level 16

[Post New]by SugarplumPCCLisa on Oct 13, 17 2:16 PM
I saw that someone else made a plea for help on this level and no one ever replied. I wonder if anyone will reply to me. I just can't seem to do things fast enough on this level. I've only gotten "close" once and most times I'm not even getting to the last building - I might still need 3 more houses by the time that time is up. Anyone out there??? Thanks!


Re:quick play level 16

[Post New]by SugarplumPCCLisa on Oct 14, 17 7:00 PM
OK, so I finally figured out the key - after building the sawmill and a ranch house, sell the ranch house, then go on doing other things, eventually buy the property next to the ranch house so the price is lower so you can buy it back cheaper. Meanwhile, you'll have enough money to buy everything else you need to finish on time. It didn't get me an expert time, but it got me out of the level and on to the next one.

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