2nd update on android 14th October+ free chance 2get a crafted item or egg

[Post New]by JannaMcCastles on Oct 14, 17 1:05 AM
Hi all,
just got an automatic update on 2 of my tablets.
The 3rd tablet l went to playstore to update it.
This time it was a short/fast one.
1 of 4parts and 1 of 1part.
Till now l could not find any changes or
further adds for Fall Event.
Did you find something new yet?
Going back for an other search.

Checked all and everything and still did not find anything,
giving up and staying clueless,
maybe l should look out for a special white jacket.

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Re:2nd update on android today

[Post New]by susiewastaken on Oct 14, 17 12:11 PM
Really doubt they'll roll out the Fall event before the current castle challenge ends.

Fall /Halloween event came super-late last year.
(and when it did, there were glitches galore...many of us on pc lost their games!)

Nice that they seem to be working on other platforms ahead of time.
Perhaps, for once, all platforms will have the same start time for an event.

When there is news of an update, I plan to first read the forum before beginning the download (have mine set to 'manual') to see if anyone reports problems.
(insert CHICKEN emoticon here)


Re:2nd update on android 14th October

[Post New]by JannaMcCastles on Oct 16, 17 2:04 AM
This small update seems to be that coming up of a notification to tell you that a particular hos is open again and else. Very much annoying to me as l have a few castles. At least it is possible to switch it off in the settings of the tablet.
Go to app manager, open mc app, there is on left side a check box,
just uncheck it. BUT before you do that, you should try/do:
Put sth high value on your wishlist and sth like me2me nxt 2 your name,
wait till the next gift period started, uncheck notification, have item still on wishlist, next gift period you might received it from John.
I got in 4 castles a crafted item from John, the others which not got sth less than 2weeks ago from John, so l put back the check in the box and
keep trying. Good luck to all. Janna

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