Finished Already?

[Post New]by stacyesmith1 on May 5, 10 7:25 AM
All the places on the screen say completed. so is the game over? I still have like 12 minutes left on the time limit. Is there something i'm missing?


Re:Finished Already?

[Post New]by leneborner on May 7, 10 2:09 AM
yes - I bought the hole game - I thought I was missing something - but there´s no more in the game ;o(( just - bye bye money without no reason ;o((

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Re:Finished Already?

[Post New]by annatar on May 10, 10 4:43 PM
I finished it in 40 minutes, which included going back to find every last item at every location - after I had solved the story. Shortest game I've ever seen in here.

What a miss for the developers to offer a 60 minutes trial and still hope anyone will buy their game AFTER they've finished it. *shakes head*

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Re:Finished Already?

[Post New]by justnan922 on Jan 15, 11 11:33 AM
Yes, I just wasted my game credit on this. I am not a happy camper!


Re:Finished Already?

[Post New]by Tesla123 on Apr 15, 11 9:35 AM
same here, justnan922 ... I wish I had went to this forum before I actually purchased this stupid game! what a ripoff!!!

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