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[Post New]by Killamanjaro on Oct 18, 17 11:49 AM

Not sure if anyone is still around to help, but it seems this game, as great as it is, has several problems, several game stopping bugs.

When I play the FIRST thermal camera view puzzle; fireplace, animal skulls etc. it was working fine for a few minutes, lock up, runtime error. Reinstalled it, no help. Each time I launch the game and it goes to the cvp puzzle, click, lock up. Can't get out of it, cannot skip it. Probably a Windows and game conflict since runtime is Windows. Here is the full error:

error executing code in thread ./paranormal/script/minigames.lua:589 attempt to index local'camera (a nil value) Does a value need to be added?

I have Windows Pro 7.1 64 bit.

Is there a patch or fix for this?



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