Where is the disc?

[Post New]by lilithrayne on Oct 19, 17 7:23 PM
I'm adding this post because it seems most people have issues with the stepladder. My problem is that I clicked to pick up the disc and instead it picked up the stepladder and now I have no disc in my inventory. So I'm stuck anyway! I didn't buy this game through BFG but I figured I'd add this to the list of problems this game has.

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Re:Where is the disc?

[Post New]by j62janet on Jan 12, 18 11:59 PM
If you mean the disc in the front room it's on the fan on the ceiling, I think you need the step ladder in the bathroom, which needs fixing, that's when you grind to a halt, you can't repair it, it's some form of glitch, which was meant to be sorted out via an update, which doesn't seem to have been fixed, I'm stuck with this problem, I do hope get past this and are able to finish the game.
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