A Nice Fall Event.

[Post New]by walkingstar on Oct 19, 17 8:19 PM
I'm liking the FE..Would have loved new furniture but other than that I'm happy. Q

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Re:A Nice Fall Event.

[Post New]by unofrio on Oct 20, 17 4:01 AM
Very nice! A fall room would have been nice but even without, it is great. (Maybe next year if we keep being like kids asking are we there yet - lol.)

I can't wait to craft the new pets and am having to stop myself from wasting too many diamonds instead of being patient. Especially love that hounder! If I don't have all the ingredients before the event ends, I so will as I have all the pets, but I should have them before that!

Great job, devs! I'm having fun haunting the castle! And will be devoting more time than usual to it. Now... let's discuss a Halloween room with a bowl of trick or treat candy that we can gift to friend like the tree in the Christmas room... (Maybe that's it; they're having trouble deciding whether to go that route or an HOS like the spring room.)


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Re:A Nice Fall Event.

[Post New]by ladydaa on Oct 20, 17 5:12 AM
Thanks Devs! Fall Event is my favorite! Love the Hounder! Great job!

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