Game without feeding the chest

[Post New]by CitizenE on Oct 20, 17 1:20 AM
Hi guys,
I tried ti finish this game without feeding the chest because I HATE that!
But unfortunately.......all quests are ended, but in Gizmotek you only get 7 out of 10 pieces for the last relic. So you'll need to feed the chest in order to get the last three pieces.
Just telling in case you want to try the same!


Re:Game without feeding the chest

[Post New]by CitizenE on Jan 3, 18 10:20 AM
Well I wanted to collect the last 3 Gizmotek relic pieces.

So I started feeding the Chest. The way I describe here below is the shortest path with feeding it as little as possible!

First you have to fully exexute the Quest of collecting the coloured items around the map + placing the items on the map.

After that you get 2 new quests:
1) from the Mayor(collect Dark Slime and Dark Stones); DON'T GIVE IT TO HIM
2) from the Peddler (collect Dark Slime and Dark Stones) Give it to him, but be aware to stop immediately when he has enough.

After giving the requested items to the Peddler he comes bach with another Quest, to find the remaining 3 relic pieces. You will find them and the Relic in Gizmotek Industrials will be completed.

Feeding the Chest any further only leads to the Basilisk which is, as we know, a dead end street.

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