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[Post New]by minesita on Oct 20, 17 7:02 PM
A note to Elephant Games ,

Why you don't correct the frozen screen in the hall? So many fishies we are having this problem, is not our computers fault. Of course I'll write CS, they always tried to fix the glitches. For start, almost never had a technical problem in any game, I'm having W7 Home Premium. I uninstalled and installed the game twice, the only difference was at the beginning I had a black screen, and the other times just Joe was covert with the sheet, I never did the HO, and I had the witch charm (????).

Well, you were one of my favorite Developers, yesterday I played the last Chimeras, the game was short and without creativity (IMO). And with this bug unfixed in "Halloween Stories", you lost a royal customer.

To BFG, I hope the Mods will not remove this note, and check better to sell games without glitches.

A not happy customer,

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