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Level 11 -- help?

[Post New]by fragileind on May 5, 10 9:14 PM
I've gotten up to the dreaded level 25, but only if I lose level 11 twice first so I can go on. I have yet to beat the timer! Which brings me to question #1:

How do you access the "easy" "medium" "hard" screen choice? I gather there is one but I've never seen it. It's not on the options screen. Maybe I just need to dial it down to "easy."

Question #2: Even so, it seems like there are two goals to this level -- one is to use the spread spell as often as possible to build up the red and blue vials. The spread spell, however, depletes the gold and silver vials. I can never get the gold and silver vials full, even with half the clock left, either through spells or simple matches. Advice please?

Thanks to all the big fish out there.

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