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[Post New]by Ellensparky on Oct 22, 17 11:15 PM
I have read the strategy and have a question about the mini event.

Level 4, you must then log out of the game and back in for the Mailman to send you the message about the Event.)

Before I was on level 34 and never receive a mail for this event, now I start over and level 17 and again I did'nt receive a mail for the mini event.

What must I do so I get a mail
I love to play every day

thank you Ellen S

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Re:mini event

[Post New]by akge on Oct 23, 17 12:45 AM
Hi Ellensparky,

Right now there is no mini event so no mail about it. We have gotten them two or three times within the last year, I think. The icon for it is next to your social page where you gift from. The event has two sections: one is a personal achievement and the other is a global achievement for all players. We have no idea when we will get one. Perhaps one of the other players has more information. Hope this helps.



Re:mini event

[Post New]by Ellensparky on Oct 23, 17 2:06 AM
Thanks Kea for the answer

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