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Stuck on level 59

[Post New]by elaverne on Oct 23, 17 12:19 PM
I bought canons to rid the fog in this area but I still could not rid myself of the( cubes?). All the other arears in that place were finished. Can you help?

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Re:Stuck on level 59

[Post New]by Ker72 on Oct 25, 17 1:48 AM
hi elaverne,

you can always go back to easier levels to raise enough money to buy good wildcards like zombie killer, joker or zombie blaster. With these three wildcards to support you, you are well prepared. I first focused on unlocking the brown cards with the crusher to get the cards with the chains. The rest of the game goes with the wildcards. If you are fast enough with the joker, you can click away many cards.

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