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Does anyone remember

[Post New]by rbsworld on Oct 24, 17 6:50 PM
If we had a CC during last year's FE?

I really love playing but this last challenge was really hard on me. Just finding enough pumpkins, candies and GTs is time consuming enough...I don't know if I can multi-task my way through anything else at the moment.

Anyway, I was just wondering if I should be gearing up for more fun in addition to all the spooky stuff we have now. I feel a bit whacky asking that today since one challenge just ended...but I seem to remember there was something else before the WE started last year.

Any info is appreciated,


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Re:Does anyone remember

[Post New]by Annelliegram on Oct 24, 17 6:54 PM
Yes, we did .... it was our 4th Castle Challenge ..... it started on Friday (Oct 21) at GMT day roll .... or Oct 22 in Castle Days.....

"4th Castle Challenge
October 21, 2016 - Friday"
1. Get 7 of the Black Candy 
2. Send 2 packed airships 
3. Make 14 trades with Trick-or-Treaters 
4. Open 20 ZZs 
5. Get 15 Pumpkins 
6. Examine HOSs 50 times 
7. Help friends 5 times 
8. Get 3 Gold Chests from feeding pets 
9. Catch 5 Green Ghosts 
10. Collect 100 airship items from HOSs 
Reward = Fortune Teller avatar 

11. Get 10 Ghost Traps 
12. Get 15 of the Dreadful Ginger 
13. Complete 2 Daily Quests 
14. Catch 10 Red Ghosts 
15. Collect 70 morphing pumpkins 
16. Beat Anabel at dice 3 times 
17. Use 50 items in ZZs 
18. Get 5 Unique Stamps 
19. Get 30 of the Gummy Eyeballs 
20. Get 3 Silver Chests from feeding pets 
Reward = Fakir avatar 

21. Catch 15 Blue Ghosts 
22. Get 1 star from the Fortune Wheel 
23. Craft 20 items 
24. Beat the Wise Dragon at dice 3 times 
25. Help friends 10 times 
26. Get 15 Ghost Traps 
27. Receive 300 wheels for sending airships 
28. Catch any 20 Ghosts 
29. Complete 5 Daily Quests 
30. Feed Pet 5 times 
Reward = Madam Masquerade avatar

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Re:Does anyone remember

[Post New]by rbsworld on Oct 24, 17 8:30 PM
Oh yikes AEG!

That means a new one in less than a week!

Fun fun fun fun fun..right into....rum pa pa pum..

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Re:Does anyone remember

[Post New]by Hufflepuff on Oct 26, 17 3:48 PM
I do not no know if another one so close after two right behind another will really be fun for me since the last one was exhausting instead of fun and I will miss some days for real life.
I am going to look if the tasks seem to be possible for me without getting frustrated,
otherwise skip this CC.
Good luck to everyone!

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Re:Does anyone remember

[Post New]by playmegal on Oct 26, 17 4:00 PM
Since I missed the last 3 Castle Challenge should I bother playing the next Castle Challenge and just wait for Christmas to come around to play?

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Re:Does anyone remember

[Post New]by TiramaSue on Oct 26, 17 5:18 PM
rbsworld wrote:Oh yikes AEG!

That means a new one in less than a week!

Fun fun fun fun fun..right into....rum ba ba bum..

Perhaps. After the last surprise (the Fall event starting when there was still 5 days left on the CC), I don't think we can assume anything.

Common sense says that if a CC doesn't start by the time there's only 30 days left on the Fall Event, it means there won't be a CC asking for Fall items.

But the developers could surprise us with a hybrid CC combining Fall, gnomes, and/or Winter events elements.

I do wish they would communicate to us just what are the plans for CC's and special events.

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Re:Does anyone remember

[Post New]by 1457051 on Oct 26, 17 9:47 PM
Maybe a mini-event? Haven't had one of those for awhile

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Re:Does anyone remember

[Post New]by Czoe on Oct 27, 17 12:17 PM
Unleash whatever ghoulish delights that you have lurking...

Not sure how it works, but the combination of a challenge with other goals is more attainable, and irresistible!

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