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New Update = Missing Diamonds

[Post New]by skell169 on Oct 27, 17 4:34 PM
I had the smallest update earlier this evening and now my diamond count is missing quite a few hundred I have used some to get my Halloween Hedgehog but I believe I am down by around 400/500 diamonds oh why does this happen and I never realised we had been given two new jigsaw puzzles and with how I have been pushing myself to keep going to get the ghost's and pumpkins my right hand is so swollen and painful, I probably would have completed at least one of the jigsaw's in the last two days, oh sigh bigger sigh and enormous sigh !!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck to all players and all your endeavour's from Rona

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Re:New Update = Missing Diamonds

[Post New]by susiewastaken on Oct 27, 17 4:40 PM
My diamond count is the same.

Any chance you accidentally fed a sleeping pet?

If not, contact customer support and they can make it up to you.

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Re:New Update = Missing Diamonds

[Post New]by kkreisman on Oct 28, 17 3:04 AM
Oh Rona, please rest your hand and let it get better. Christmas Event is coming soon and you need to be in top clicking form for that.

Wish I could "poof" some ice to you...

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