this game compared to the extended

[Post New]by bronzekitten29 on Oct 30, 17 4:32 PM
Hi Fishes,
Well its really really weird that i can play this trail version of the game without problems on my windows 10 updated machine but i am not able to play the extended version of this game which i did buy and get credit back for on this machine. when are you going to update the extended version to handle windows 10 machines better i like these games they are fun. I have tried a few times to re-download and uninstalled the adobe player and other adobe things onto my computer as well as the extended version of this game. when i try to re buy it, it wont let me. I hate the blue screen i get with the extended so now i am going to have to buy this version just so i can play. no worries, just thought i would as, this one works but not the extended. anyone else having the same weird issue??

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