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[Post New]by clnewman on May 7, 10 5:53 PM
In the Moon Temple, can someone tell me what the correct order the colored glass needs to be in?

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Re:Colored glas

[Post New]by akfrosty on May 10, 10 4:58 PM
This is what LoriW answered for a question for the stone faces buttons puzzle. When I redid the colored glass puzzle and got the shaking, then I was able to do the rest of the stuff. I had the blue and green colors wrong. Hope this helps you.

by LoriW on May 2, 10 1:24 AM
For the skulls and coloured glass puzzle: take a look at the skulls, it's small but you should see a colour for each skull that matches one of the pieces of coloured glass. You need to put the coloured glass in the correct lamp so that the ray of light hitting the skull matches with the skull's colour. When this is done correctly the room should shake and a stone with a design on it will rise up from where the skulls are.

This give you the answer to the stone faces button pressing puzzle. I could not get this puzzle to work before I completed the skull puzzle. I tried to do it by trial and error but no matter what button I pressed I got the message saying wrong order. It was only after I solved the skull puzzle that I could click on a face without getting that message.

When you solve the stone faces puzzle you will be able to access a HOG scene that will give you what you need for the gear puzzle.

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