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lvl 86 and lvl 90

[Post New]by Necromage on Oct 31, 17 4:14 PM
lvl 86 is a real nuisance. But keep replaying it and replaying it and replaying it and you will get pass it.

And the reward for that is lvl 90. This is what I call the "gold mine" lvl. If you want to collect coins by replaying a "rich" lvl, this is the one.

For Jewel Match Solitaire CE, there is a relatively "rich" lvl very early at lvl 6 which you can replay again and again to collect coins early. But for Jewel Match Twilight Solitaire, you need to be patient because no early lvl is good for collecting coins. You simply need to get to lvl 90. And before that, you need to get past the patience test of lvl 86.

Also, if you are having trouble getting the "20 card combo" Trophy, lvl 90 is the lvl to do it.

Hope this little tip helps.

Note - what I consider a "rich" lvl is where there are alot of ice cards but with no other barrier cards.

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Re:lvl 86 and lvl 90

[Post New]by metmichallica on Oct 31, 17 5:54 PM
Thank you for the tips.

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