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The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Nov 2, 17 6:00 AM
@ Newbies:
'Secrets of Paris', 'Venice Canals' and it's locations have to be open

No Wiki found

Advanced search refers to 2 page
Only page 1 available - 2nd page to fool us

Old locked threads:

Items are giftable after you did the task
Charges are giftable

Locations are:
'The Bellows Manor'
'Secrets of Paris'
'Venice Canals'

Helper 'The Phantom Conquistador'
appears in: 'The Bellows Manor', rewards 800 gold, 40 experience

No expedition? - tbv

Expedition room:
'The Cursed Galleon'

Reward: 'Forgotten Chest'
Chest contents:

Re:Golden Galleon

[Post New]by nixe2000 on Apr 7, 16 1:43 AM
Here's the chest contents:

200 Silver Tarra Cards
50 Gold Tarra Cards
7 Crystal Harps
10 Creature Summoning Scrolls
5 Magic Nectar
3 Bells
3 Phase Watches
7 Azure Grapes
3 Solar Lamps
3 Hammers of Thor
Trophy "Golden Galleon"
3 Dragon Coins
3 Magnifying Glasses
3 Dragon Tablets
3 Latin Scrolls
3 Fiery Seals
7 Old Amphoras
7 Paranormal Traps
23000 coins
2300 Experience points

Arrrrggghhh! No, ... not Gallon!
I.e. of whisky

Nip a bit of Bourbon (I prefer good old 'Isley')
and get started with Rod
Sir Vival


Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by ttaravision on Nov 2, 17 7:22 AM
I show for the expedition:

Dragon: Alvar
Food: 24,000
Feed Times: 40
Expedition Time: 2 h
Room Time: 4 h

Please post if this is incorrect.


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Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by aurendel01 on Nov 2, 17 7:40 AM
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum


Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by mamapolo1951 on Nov 2, 17 6:41 PM
Is it only me, or is this quest extremely difficult,relatively speaking.

Due to an injury, i'm in a chair or in bed, and i have been depending on ROMs to keep me sane,but now it's driving me crackers. Just collecting the necessary items from friends' places and the phantom conquistador on my place has taken me most of a full day and I'm still 15 items short.


Thank you for listening.

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Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by marliza on Nov 3, 17 2:41 AM
mamapolo, I will also private message you. but wanted to let you know how I find it easiest to get items from creatures.

first - do in minimized mode so you can see creature when you help it.

make sure you do two other creatures in between trying for creature you are going for item from. (these do not have to be from same land or from same neighbor.)
Ghosts do NOT count!

try to match picture of creature with when you hit help button.

use task to help creature. open task and use hand icon. or if need to call, use the small I icon.

will private mail you this info so you have it.

good luck!

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Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by mhigham on Nov 4, 17 2:42 PM
I am with mamapolo - this was tough! I ended up buying the aromatic powder - after a day I only had eight.

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Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by thurber on Nov 5, 17 11:20 PM
This one is on my Never Again list. It's horrid.


Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by Librarian2003 on Nov 6, 17 6:07 AM
For me, the best results for collecting the 35 items were:

Araucaria cones from own map - when he raises his axe, it just touches the phantom conquistador's shoulder.

Cactus flowers from neighbours' maps - when the phantom conquistador's axe touches the ground in front of him, as he swings it down.

I didn't have to buy any of them, so the drop rate wasn't too bad.

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Re:The Golden Galleon - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by marliza on Nov 9, 17 5:40 AM
Dang! All that work on this one and I forgot to take the chest!!!
When was it over? Yesterday or today?

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