[Post New]by rondabarnett on Nov 2, 17 5:11 PM
How many levels are in this game ?

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[Post New]by bridie47 on Nov 2, 17 7:25 PM
not sure as far as I know there are over a 100 levels



[Post New]by CitizenE on Nov 3, 17 10:21 AM
When you've seen the basilisk and you don't get any assignments (quests), you probably are somewhere between level 51 en 65.

You won't get new quests because they stopped developping new quests.

As far as I know you can play on endlessly, highest level I know of is level 101 (Gizellela was at that level, but she disappeared from my contact list)
But there's no clue this would be the last level so by all means, try reaching level 99999

But mind you! To pass level 100 you must gather over 5.2 million stars to get to level 101 (someone who is in that level told me)

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