Stuck on level 148

[Post New]by 4isdoubletrouble on Nov 3, 17 7:50 PM
I am having a issue with portal on the great ocean at level 148.
I have completed & closed the portal - the statue is now there with a ticket to collect but the crystals are showing 4/5 and it has reappeared as a task in the goals tab.


Re:Stuck on level 148

[Post New]by Fred_just_Fred on Nov 4, 17 5:09 AM
4isdoubletrouble, welcome to the forum. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If that doesn't work, try and proceed without this step. The game has MANY bugs; so enjoy what you can and/or move on to a different game. Midnight Castle is a great game with a great forum. Try it if you haven't already. Good luck.


Re:Stuck on level 148

[Post New]by 4isdoubletrouble on Nov 5, 17 4:14 PM
Thanks Fred_just_Fred for the advise. I still would like to pass level 148 but cant figure out how to spread the snow from the 2 boxes on the side. I think I will take your advise and try my hand at Midnight Castle. If you have any hints to passing level 148 it would be nice to know. Thank you once again.

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Re:Stuck on level 148

[Post New]by silver_hawk on Nov 22, 17 7:40 AM
Found on the thread on this URL address

eli173 on Aug 4, 16 4:07 PM

You must combine a magic ball with a stripe that has the same color as an element that sits on the magic.This is not easy and may require several tries. Good luck!

by Tibtt on Aug 6, 16 1:14 PM

eli173 is right, but there is also another way - if you get frustrated with attempts to win this one (as I have just today after 12 trys and only one succesful).
Use bonuses.

First: clean all the 'black thing" blocking elements in the middle of board, than play till you get horizontal bonus on field. Use wand bonus to move element with horizontal bonus to the sparkling area (either left or right hand side of the board). Than use hammer bonus on this element.
Zzzzaaap , and you should have magic on main board to spread it easly!

If you can use a wand to move a magic ball next to a vertical stripe element then combine them can be useful too.

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