Level 20

[Post New]by NDSeamstress on Nov 4, 17 6:12 AM
I have no idea how to start this one. I have tried all kinds of combinations, but I am not sure what to build first and in what order. I fall way short of the goals. I know where the runes are, but to just get started is the problem for me. Any help, please. Thanks in advance.

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Re:Level 20

[Post New]by reeney132 on Nov 4, 17 2:05 PM
I built the food first then the second level house then the gold the wood.
I could only find one ruin the second one by the fort in the snow didn't turn into a ruin am I missing something?

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Re:Level 20

[Post New]by Andovape on Nov 6, 17 6:04 PM

I finally finished level 20 in normal time with a bit of time to spare. First, mine just enough stone to make the steps. Build the sawmill at the top of the steps. Collect one tree. Build the gold mine above the sawmill. Upgrade to two players. Farm enough food and gold to get rid of the two snow snowbanks blocking the balloon area. Build a farm. Continue on from there - it went pretty smoothly after that. Good luck!


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