Level 52 Trolls World

[Post New]by shiloswin on Nov 4, 17 10:15 AM
I cannot get this level done no matter what I try. How do you get rid of the blocks at the top?

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Re:Level 52 Trolls World

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Nov 4, 17 1:50 PM
Hello shiloswin,

First, please allow me to offer a slightly belated welcome to the forums. It's always great to see a new player swimming around this pond. I understand there's been some trouble with the Troll's Castle, Level 52, so I'm swimming over to provide some advice.

I was able to break the tiles at the top of the board by forming Vertical Bonuses. (Vertical Bonuses are formed by matching four elements in a horizontal line; Horizontal Bonuses are formed by matching four elements in a vertical line.) Once I matched the Vertical Bonuses with other elements, they removed the entire vertical line from the board, including a layer of tile. Fireworks Bonuses (which are made by matching five elements in a vertical or horizontal row) are also really useful.

Focusing on making these bonuses also helped me achieve the level's score objective.

I hope this information is helpful. If there are any remaining questions, please PM me or another moderator. We'll be glad to provide answers.



Re:Level 52 Trolls World

[Post New]by vitotto2001 on Mar 8, 18 5:32 PM
Hi, bfberuna
Would like to thank you. with your help at least there was a beginning,now i just have to practice!!!

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