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Lost Secrets: Ancient Mysteries Mac version

[Post New]by RyeMcLaughlin on May 8, 10 7:28 AM
This is a basic HOG. Lots of objects just scattered all over the screen. Most of them have nothing to do with the story. I mean you have an untouched tomb in the Valley of the Kings and you have a bright red telephone in there, and a tricycle?! How about a giant stapler on top of a hill? Why are so many characters blue eyed Europeans?

I did like a couple of things. For each object you find you get a point, up to 15. You can use point to get hints. One gives you a silouette, three gives you a picture, five shows you where it is. The journal gives some interesting information about the ancient Egyptians, but you can't look at any page but the one that goes with the level you are on. If you were to play again, the object list changes.

It works well on my iMac with the exception of shrinking open windows on my desktop. The picture are reasonably clear. I got through 2 chapters out of 10 in 30 minutes, so it's not a long game, but we've seen worse. Not for me, but not the worst game I've seen recently.

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