played before now it don't

[Post New]by budlight11 on Nov 5, 17 9:57 AM
I've been play My Tribe for a while now racking up 3000 hours give or take now all of a sudden it won't load it get to the main menu I click play and the sailing to your tribe pops up but the boat goes no where it just sets there I get this from the icon if I go to the big fish game panel I get an error code of 814 it tried to search this to see what that was but got nowhere please what is this code and what can I do about it i'm on an HP lap top with windows 10 and an intel hd graphics video card

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Re:played before now it don't

[Post New]by earthgirl09 on Dec 28, 17 7:30 PM
That is weird. I'm playing it on my Windows 10 too and I think we have the same graphics card, but I haven't been playing it on this computer nearly as long. You should contact tech support.

If you can't find answers here: Help (upper right of this page) < Technical

...then click the blue support button at the bottom right of that page and write in your question, then someone will get back to you.

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