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finiah the castlee

[Post New]by trekker1 on Nov 5, 17 10:28 AM
I know I missed a few emeralds. The game will not let me go back and replay any games

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Re:finiah the castlee

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Nov 5, 17 10:38 AM
If you are on the CE extra levels map you have to go back to the main opening screen and click play from there to get the regular levels map back. Otherwise you ought to be able to replay any previously done levels in either map by clicking on a solid green circle so the gold arrow moves there and then clicking the play button. Another player said double clicking on the solid green circles worked for her.

P.S. - I wouldn't recommend replaying and replaying just to get 3 stars until you have finished the entire map and all the castles associated. Can't confirm it but I think that might break the game to where you end up not being able to progress at all because the castles disappear.

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