Polar Bear

[Post New]by butterflyh on Nov 5, 17 2:21 PM
I saw that many were having problems with throwing the formula at the bear and nothing happening. I too, reinstalled the game, but still nothing happens when throwing the formula at the bear. Two times my game went blank at the point of the bear, and I just clicked on "play again: and it took me to where the bear was. It had told me there was an error. Don't know if others had received an error message or not. Decided to reinstall it again, this time using another name. When it came time for the man to climb out of the cavern, I DID NOT go to the bear but continued going to the man climbing out of the water and going on with the game. I got the formula made again, THEN went to the bear and threw it at him and he vanished. Hope this helps.

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