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puzzle in demo

[Post New]by hidnseekr on Nov 5, 17 8:08 PM
This might be a spoiler but in the demo there is a puzzle where you have to find 12 or 13 living things. It seems like some of them were not living things. (used hints) Not sure what to make of it.
Does anyone have an answer for this?

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Re:puzzle in demo

[Post New]by nextgengranny on Nov 7, 17 5:34 AM
There's something you do to animate several otherwise inanimate objects, thus transforming them into "living things". You have to animate each object separately, & if I recall correctly, if you click on one of them prior to doing so, you receive a message along the lines of, "You can animate this!" I don't recall if it tells you how to do so, though. Basically, it's a continuation of the game's theme of inanimate objects, such as the candlesticks, coming to life. Hope that helps.

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