clash of clans forum ?

[Post New]by hoodizix on Nov 6, 17 8:42 AM
hello sorry moderators but is there any clash of clans forum up here

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Re:clash of clans forum ?

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Nov 6, 17 9:32 AM
Hi hoodizix,

The Big Fish Games Forums are set up for games offered on the Big Fish Games site. Since the mentioned game is not one we offer, there is not a Forum for it on our site. If there's a particular game we do offer that you'd like to check the Forum for, please feel free to use the Find Your Game Forum feature to see a full list of the game Forums on our site. Using Ctrl + F on that page is a quick and easy way to check for the game you're looking for!

It may also help to take a look at our Forum Rules & FAQ for posting guidelines, specifically this portion:

Do not discuss other game sites or game companies, positively or negatively, by name or by nickname.

Since this thread is not related to Babylonia, I'm going to go ahead and lock it. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me or one of our other Moderators. We'll be happy to assist however we can. Welcome to the Forums, and we look forward to having you as part of our community!


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