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Rio De Janerio 97

[Post New]by kevuar on Nov 7, 17 10:40 AM
Haveing trouble getting this level. Have played it over many times.
Is there any suggestions from some who are past it?

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Re:Rio De Janerio 97

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Nov 7, 17 12:12 PM
Hello kevuar,

It sounds like there's been some trouble with Rio de Janeiro, Level 97. The layout of the board makes this a particularly tricky one to beat, so I totally understand wanting some advice.

Boosts are what finally helped me beat this level. I focused on making vertical Line Crushers and Lightening Bolts . The Line Crushers removed vertical rows of gummies from the board, which helped with breaking the chains on the tokens I needed to drop to the bottom of the board; they also helped me get rid of Stones and Litter, too.

I also tried to match red gummies whenever possible to fill the red Color Blockers. The Color Blockers were really useful, as their detonations unchained and dropped some of the tokens. Lightening Bolts helped me collect red gummies for the Color Blockers and also made reaching the minimum score easier.

I hope this advice helps, kevuar. I'd also recommend taking a look at and posting to the City Directory, where all the cities' designated level help threads are located. Posting level help requests there helps keep the forum organized and also ensures experienced players will see the post. I've included the link to the City Directory below.

Gummy Drop! City Directory - START HERE TO FIND LEVEL HELP

Should any questions remain, you're more than welcome to PM me or another moderator. We're here to help.


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Re:Rio De Janerio 117

[Post New]by corliss1 on Apr 27, 18 4:09 PM
I really need help with this level 17-2

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