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Three Strikes and It's Out

[Post New]by huntington101 on May 8, 10 1:38 PM
I gave this game three tries and will now declare I DON'T LIKE IT.

First time it said areas were finished but they were not.
Came back and saw there was an update. Deleted, installed, created a new profile and played a half hour. Did not like it.

Played another 20 minutes today and really don't like the sloppiness. Grainy graphics, erratic, sometimes miniscule hot spots and no consistency in gameplay.

One time, you just click anywhere in the scene 5 times and by magic, the 5 things you need to gather are at your feet.

Sometimes you have to

preassemble the firewood before you put it in the firepit

yet when you finally cut more blocks

you can't collect them. Just click click and try to collect them. Finally say, screw it and magically the pyramid is complete.

Blech and double blech. Too many good games to bother with this one. Besides I wanted to smack that Pharoah as soon as he opened his mouth. Yule Brenner he is not.

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