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Where is the 2nd Tablet

[Post New]by mrsbb on Nov 8, 17 2:04 AM
Hi, I hope someone can help, I know there are no more updates but could you tell me how to progress. I think I'm on about level 44, I need the 2nd tablet which the keeper in the library says is behind the panel in the secret room. I am not 100% certain that I haven't had this tablet & it disappeared or I imagined it but now this is the only task I have - I have created 13 items with nowhere to put them & only have 1 more to create.
I have all the figures in the secret room & the cube but no tablet, the pirate & Paris rooms are open (but not yet completed) but the pink portal is closed.
What am I missing or am I doomed to never get any further?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Re:Where is the 2nd Tablet

[Post New]by magge314 on Jan 20, 18 8:20 AM
Hi,Mrsbb ,you will get the 2nd tablet when you put the titan figure and "run" all the panel tale.
I did it last night.

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