[Post New]by Mathilde19 on Nov 9, 17 6:32 AM
I am stuck at level 125, I can not get at the left on the nearly bottom the mud tile

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[Post New]by FreeBird01 on Nov 9, 17 2:44 PM
I really wish I could help you, but it has been so long since I played the game I can't remember all the Levels. However, I don't remember ever being stuck on any level.

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[Post New]by rckirk56 on Dec 9, 17 7:51 PM
I am also stuck in this exact same place. Does anyone have a hint as to get the left bottom 2 squares to clear? One is a mud block and one is jewels.


Re:stuck Level 125

[Post New]by navydogson on Jan 21, 18 12:15 PM
I am also stuck in the same place. Have no idea what to do about it. Tried to build a bigger bomb but can't get it to locate where it will do any good.

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