byrnwigend battle mural

[Post New]by maibrittkelstrup on Nov 9, 17 9:41 AM
I cannot get the missing part fixed to the mural


Re:byrnwigend battle mural

[Post New]by CitizenE on Nov 17, 17 3:58 AM
Nobody answers, I don't know either. Placing the attachment (as I recall, made by the village painter, can't remember his name) on the painting should do the job.
Sorry I can't help you!

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Re:byrnwigend battle mural

[Post New]by bridie47 on Nov 18, 17 12:40 AM
I think what you may have to do is Pick up the piece and point the curser at the place where you want it to go. don't try to plonk the piece it self there cause it just wont go. Learnt this when I was playing one part of Dreamless castle...
Hope this helps.

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