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How Well Do You Know...PawPaw Junction

[Post New]by ekstra2000 on Nov 10, 17 6:48 AM
I think most of us who have played this game think we know it really well, but I think that we often overlook a lot of what is in place when it doesn't affect what we're doing at any given time. So here's a quick quiz (if you enjoy this, let me know, and I'll post more of them...they're ready for the other areas of town and for two of the foreign stops...will get to the US cities as I can if folks like this). The real question is: are we paying attention to the work that was done to make this game more interesting?

So...for Pawpaw Junction:
Which minigames feature a magnifier on the left, scissors on the right, and a coil notebook containing the puzzles?
Which minigames seem to feature the original packaging for the items? (This one is fairly obvious...but can you name at least three types of "packaging" used in the games?)
Which minigames feature a large sheet of white paper in the background, along with a pen? The pen changes a bit as you go through the puzzles.
Which minigames feature a board for sorting, and a background that tends to get nicer as you get to the higher levels? (Note: there are two that follow this.)
Which minigames also feature a sorting board, but have the addition of a magnifier on the right side of the board?

As a note...I didn't have enough resources today to play through all the games at each location, so I tried a "representative" few at each one except the toy store...those foreign trips have left me with a large surplus of hammers.

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