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Pool scene

[Post New]by Lajlaj on Nov 11, 17 2:56 AM
Have you noticed the scene in the upper right corner of the pool scene, when the ship approaches Puerto Rico ( I think) ? We slowly pass an old fortress, then another cruise ship appears, and all the while the clouds go to the opposite direction. The whole sequence lasts about ten minutes. To top it off, if you replay the level, all you see is the other cruise ship plodding along. We *have* passed that fortress....

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Re:Pool scene

[Post New]by cal711 on Nov 11, 17 10:58 AM
The first time I played the game, I thought it was just the clouds moving, which I thought was a very nice touch by the game designers. As I struggled to find some of the objects that first time around, I glanced up and noticed that fortress going by and was even more impressed that the designers went to that much trouble. I haven't seen the other ship yet but now you've got me curious and I'll deliberately linger in that scene in order to see it too. Thanks for the heads-up!

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