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Stuck, level 24

[Post New]by lynwil on May 8, 10 11:34 PM
I love this game but I'm totally stuck on level 24 - wherever I put the market it kills the happiness counter for the nearest house. Can anyone help please

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Re:Stuck, level 24

[Post New]by Cherubabies on May 9, 10 12:36 AM
Level 24


a. 1 market

b. 4 chalets with 3 stars

c. All houses have not less than 15 happiness.

1. Build a market.

2. Run the sawmill to make 800 wood.

3. Collect rent and side the chalets.

4. Build 2 more chalets and side them.

5. Buy another worker.

6. Sell wood at the market for the best value.

7. Run sawmill each time you have 8000 gold.

8. Upgrade the chalets to 3 stars and add gardens.

9. Buy more workers to finish the upgrades.

10. Put in flower beds.

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