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Space Greenhouse - (Old) New Offer

[Post New]by sir_vival on Nov 14, 17 1:29 AM
Name on 1st screen, when starting RoM is: 'Space Greenhouse'
Name inside RoM (Event) is: 'The Space Greenhouse'

@ Newbies:
'Secrets of Paris', 'Time of Knights' and it's locations have to be open

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Search for: Rooms of Memory Space Greenhouse
Search for Wiki expedition page:
Rooms of Memory The Space Greenhouse Event Room

Advanced search refers to 2 page
Only page 1 available - page2?
@ BF, please delete this page - NOT GAME RELATED!

Old locked threads:

Items are giftable after you got the tasked one
Charges are giftable

Locations are:
'The Bellows Manor'
'Secrets of Paris'
'Time of Knights'

Helper 'Hlajm'
appears in: 'The Bellows Manor', rewards 800 gold, 40 experience

Dragon: 'Tunzor'
Expedition Time: 2 h
Food: 26.500
Feed Times: 50
Room Time: 4h

Expedition room:
'The Space Greenhouse'

Reward: 'Hlajm's Chest'
Chest contents:

Re: Space Greenhouse - New Offer

[Post New]by elianchen on Sep 22, 16 6:31 AM
The room is very bright.
But there are new items (example: the Thermometer is digital. others has other forms than known), they blend very good in with the background, some are tiny...
Its not easy, not tooooo hard, but interesting searching. I'm still divined if i liked it or not...

The good news: It is worth at all!
Chest is quiet good and contains:

150 Silver Tarra Cards
50 Gold Tarra Cards
5 Strawberry Jam
10 Crystal Harp
2 Large Master Set
2 Phase Watch
21 Bell
18 Magnifiying Glass
15 Solar Lamp
20 Hammer of Thor
10 Coconut Milk
10 Dragon Coin
10 Summon Roll
1 Pearl Purse 130
1 Trophy "Unknown Planet
19 Problem Solver
8 Paranormal Trap
20000 Gold Coins
8000 XP

Happy Hunting everyone!

The secret life of plants ??
Space gardening
See your neighbours from above
OOOPS! - Secret actions??? ...what is she/he doing
Sir Vival

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