Pharaohs mask

[Post New]by tobygretchen on Nov 14, 17 8:36 AM
Has anyone gotten the pharaohs mask. It takes me a long time to get what I need and when I finally get everything it doesn't give it to me. I have tried about 4 times now. I'm trying to get the Dinar.

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Re:Pharaohs mask

[Post New]by bfgBeruna on Nov 14, 17 12:06 PM
Hello tobygretchen,

It sounds like there's been trouble obtaining the Pharaoh's Mask. Due to the high volume of games that we release, it's not always possible for members of the Moderation Team to play each title through to its completion. While I haven't gotten the Pharaoh's Mask in Wanderland myself, though, I was able to locate a helpful thread. I've included it below.

Pharaoh Mask? Need help getting it

In that thread, Grogar wrote:

I got the Pharaoh Mask yesterday. It drops from the Mummy King, but, like other items, it does not drop every time you defeat him Just keep trying. If you are willing to spend rubies to open the additional chests available when you defeat this enemy, it may help.

I hope this information proves useful, and I wish you all of the best obtaining the mask. Please don't hesitate to PM me or another moderator if further questions arise. We'll be glad to help.


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