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bonus chapter,,myths of the world/chinese healer collector's edition

[Post New]by yayin on Nov 14, 17 9:44 AM
tried to play it and as soon as i reach the part where Lei brings in the demon it freezes. this has happened about 4 x's. am i the first to encounter this? any thing i can do to correct this.

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Re:bonus chapter,,myths of the world/chinese healer collector's edition

[Post New]by bfgArinelle on Nov 14, 17 9:56 AM
Hi yayin,

Sorry to hear about the trouble with the game freezing up! Let's see if we can get around that with some troubleshooting. Sometimes games freeze up due to not having enough permissions to use its files correctly, so running the game as Administrator may help with this situation. Freezing can also come up due to software interference or something needing an update. Steps and tips for these two subjects can be found at the following links:

Run Game as Administrator
Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If that doesn't resolve the issue, it may help to start another profile to see if the issue can be circumvented that way. If a save file for a profile becomes damaged in some way, odd things can happen (freezing, error messages, etc), so starting a new profile is a good way to check to see if that's contributing to the situation.

You're always welcome to send a message to our Technical Support Team if the above troubleshooting doesn't fix things up. Questions and concerns can also be sent to me or another one of our Moderators by PM anytime. We'll do the best we can to assist.


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